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Alpaca Dryer Balls- A Must Have!

We still get the question almost everyday of "what is a dryer ball, and what does it do?". Dryer balls are designed to go into your dryer with your wet laundry. As they tumble around with the items in your dryer they create pockets of air between the items which aides in the drying process. But what exactly sets dryer balls apart from other items like dryer sheets? Read on to find out the benefits of dryer balls!

Faster Drying Times

Who doesn't like cutting back on the drying time? You get more done, and it helps save on electricity use! As the dryer balls tumble around in the dryer they separate the clothing and create pockets of air between the items. These pockets of air allow for improved airflow which can help your laundry dry up to 25% faster than it would without dryer balls. Which leads into our second benefit...

Saves energy (AND money!)

When your laundry dries faster that means your dryer is using less energy which is good for the environment AND your wallet. The money savings doesn't end there... when you use dryer balls that means you can cut out the expense of dryer sheets. Dryer balls last for thousands of loads (we are talking years) so that means you won't have to buy dryer sheets for YEARS. Just think how much money you spend at the grocery store every month on dryer sheets. $$ CHA-CHING. $$

Softer Clothes

Another benefit of dryer balls is they manually soften your laundry without chemicals or additives. The friction that the felted wool produces as it tumbles around helps gently smooth rough fibers and soften fabric. Not only does this help soften your clothes but it also helps them last longer. Fabric softeners and dryer sheets deposit a small amount of chemical softener onto the clothing which builds up over time on your laundry and wears it down.

Fewer Wrinkles

Since dryer balls tumble around softly in your dryer they help prevent laundry from sticking to the sides of the drum. Adding more movement in your dryer means less time for wrinkles to develop.

Less Noise

In theory any spherical object would work in the dryer to help dry your laundry. However, plastic dryer balls and tennis balls make a lot of noise banging around in the dryer. Plastic dryer balls and tennis balls like to bounce making laundry time a very noisy time. Since wool/alpaca dryer balls are felted wool they aren't rigid, bouncy, or heavy making them blissfully quiet when in your dryer.

Natural Fragrance

We all love our laundry to come out smelling like lavender, lemon, or anything clean smelling. Dryer sheets and scented soaps use chemicals to add these smells into your laundry. The chemicals then stick on your clothing and absorb into your skin. Long term affects of these chemicals against your skin can lead to many health issues. However, with wool/alpaca dryer balls you can simply add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil onto the ball and your clothing will come out smelling cleaner (and feel cleaner) than ever before!

How to use Wool Dryer Balls

Before starting your dryer simply throw the dryer balls in (with or without essential oils) and press start. There is honestly nothing to it! If you live in a dry climate and static is an issue just simply dip your dryer balls in some water, ring them out, and then place in your dryer. The added water to the dryer ball will help keep some humidity in the dryer and help with static! The size of your load does depend on the number of dryer balls you will need. We recommend the following:

-Small Loads: 1-2 Dryer Balls

-Medium Loads: 3-4 Dryer Balls

-Large Loads: 5-6 Dryer Balls

Dryer balls usually cost more upfront, but remember they will last for years! (We usually have to replace every 3 years or so).

They are made by our lovely employees (if you stop in on a slow day you can find them busy rolling away) and made with our alpacas fiber! Truly 100% USA and locally made with love.

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