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Alpaca Socks - The Real Deal!

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

What you put on your feet can make or break your day. Alpaca will MAKE your day - every day.

When it comes to searching for the perfect pair of socks, it could make one go a little crazy. We all want a pair of socks that is soft, holds up well, and doesn't make our feet smell as if we never shower. Socks can very well make or break your day... but alpaca socks are guaranteed to make it. So what makes alpaca socks so great? Keep reading to find out.

Good or Bad for the Animal Themselves?

It is actually pretty commonly thought that alpacas are killed for their fiber. Think again. Alpacas, like sheep are sheared annually. It is actually vital to the wellbeing of the alpacas to be sheared. Shearing the alpaca is good for the animal, the farmer raising the animal, and the sustainability of the planet. Alpaca fiber is an all natural renewable resource and doesn't require any harsh chemicals during processing into yarn like sheep wool, cotton, or synthetic fibers do.

Alpaca Socks - Moisture Wicking

If you're someone that likes to play sports, adventure outside, or tend to have sweaty feet, alpaca socks are the sock for you! Alpaca fiber is one of the best fibers for evaporation and temperature regulation. Alpaca fibers are hydrophobic (they don't like water) so the socks push moisture from the foot to the outside of the sock where it can then evaporate. Say "Good-Bye sweaty feet"!

What if They get REALLY Wet?

We've already covered that alpaca can wick away moisture... but what about a lot of moisture? Well, you better believe that alpaca fiber has you covered for that too. Alpaca fiber has one of the lowest water retention rates of all the natural fibers (8%). This is one big reason why alpaca socks retain their warmth and thermal properties even when they get wet. Even drying the socks after washing takes no more than a couple hours! This leaves the socks fresh smelling for days without washing, which brings us to our other perk...

Odor Resistant!

One big reason for stinky socks is that they retain moisture, but like we have covered alpaca REPELS moisture. When socks hold in moisture that is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and you've guessed it... start STINKING. Since alpaca wicks moisture away from your foot and into the air they really do stay fresh smelling for days (even weeks!). We challenge you to try and make your alpaca socks smell... (okay-maybe don't do that, your wife might hate us for that challenge)

But Seriously... Wear Them for a Couple of Days

We aren't kidding when we say wear them for a couple of days before washing them. Alpaca socks don't have to be washed after every use, in fact it's better if you don't wash them! This makes them the ideal sock to have for hiking trips or outdoor activities. Plus not always having to do a load of laundry is another way to help out the environment just a little more.

Alpaca Fiber has Thermoregulating Properties

Alpaca fibers have hollow pockets in them and this helps regulate temperature. These fibers are so breatheable that you can wear alpaca year round (yup, even in the summer!).

Extremely Soft, and Cushiony

Sheep wool is notorious for being itchy against your skin, but not alpaca! Alpaca is extremly soft to the touch making it the ideal fiber to put against your skin. Worried about allergies? Well don't be! Alapaca fiber is actually hypoallergenic making it the perfect option for those with allergies or skin sensitives.


Last, but definitly not least... alapca is one of the strongest fibers known to man. Historians have actually written about how the Incas used to make rope bridges with alapca wool (mind = blown). You can walk hundreds of miles in a pair of alpaca socks only to find the fibers in still great condition.

We encourage anyone who doesn't already own a pair of alpaca socks to reconsider and get a pair! You won't be disappointed with your purchase!

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