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Socks for All: Your Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Warm Up with Alpaca Socks

Alpaca socks are one of the most popular items we sell, they are soft, warm, moisture wicking, and machine washable! (For general info on alpaca socks read our sock blog- "Alpaca Socks-The Real Deal" ) Since we carry a wide variety of alpaca socks and they seem to be a very popular Christmas gift, we figured we would break down our most popular pairs in this Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide and why they might just be the perfect fit for that special someone in your life this holiday season.

Sock Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Boot Sock

Looking for the perfect sock to gift to the person who spends all day out in the cold and snow? We highly recommend our Everest Sock. This sock is EXTREMELY warm, and comfortable because it is made with 80% Baby Alpaca fiber. In general the more alpaca found in a sock the warmer and softer it will be. We do strongly recommend avoiding putting these socks in the dryer- they will shrink and felt due to the high alpaca fiber content. When we are working in the barns all winter these are the first socks we grab, we can confidently recommend these boot socks since we have worn them!

Everest Alpaca Sock: $39
Everest Sock

Sock Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Working From Home Sock

One of our favorite socks to slip on when lounging around the house whether working from home for the day, or catching up on your latest TV Binge is the LC10 or the LC220 Slipper Sock. Both styles of these socks have rubber treads on the bottom to ensure no slipping while walking around the house. Another thing we love about these socks is they are made in the USA! The only big difference between the two slipper socks is the percentage of alpaca. The LC10 contains 44% alpaca, while the LC220 contains 51% alpaca. Either one are great options and you will have a hard time taking them off!

Alpaca LC10 & LC220 Slipper Sock: $29-$32
LC220 Slipper Sock

Sock Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Sock with Cute Designs

We all know that person who LOVES socks that are as unique as they are, or just loves something different. For that reason we are choosing our variety of Alpaca and Bamboo socks. These socks are a nice dress weight sock that is sure to fit in an everyday shoe. They come in a wide variety of styles such as: hearts, snowmen, yeti, alpacas, dogs, and so much more! The other great thing about these socks? They are made of alpaca and bamboo (the bamboo gives the sock extra strength and they hold up forever!) Some designs even come in children sizes. Don't wait to get these socks...designs sell out quickly.

Alpaca & Bamboo Socks: $26
Alpaca & Bamboo Socks

Sock Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Sock for The Skier/Snowboarder

Winter time means finally getting to hit the slopes again. Spending all day outside can cause ones feet to feel cold after a while, but don't worry our Alpaca Ski Socks will keep you toasty warm to stay on the slopes all day! These socks come up higher making them very comfortable to wear with ski or snowboard boots. We highly recommend them!

Alpaca Ski Sock: $36
Alpaca Ski Sock

Sock Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Festive Sock

Who doesn't love dressing the part? These adorable Reindeer socks will complete any holiday wardrobe! PLUS they are so soft and warm.

Festive Alpaca Sock" $29
Festive Alpaca Sock

Sock Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Sock for Diabetics

Our Therapeutic Socks are specially designed for people that suffer from diabetes or have bad blood circulation problems. These socks are seamless with a non-elastic design so they are non-binding resulting in better blood flow to the foot. They come in a wide variety of colors, too!

Alpaca Therapeutic Sock" $29
Therapeutic Sock

We offer many more types of socks but these are by far our most popular styles! Socks make great gifts for anytime of the year (Who doesn't love a nice pair of socks?!) All of our alpaca socks are machine washable, while we do recommend laying flat to dry. Alpaca socks naturally wick moisture away from your feet, keep your feet dry, and insulate them all at the same time! For more information visit our online website at:

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